Massage and Reiki Promotion

What is Reiki?

Massage and Reiki Promotion

What is Reiki?


Reiki is an energy balancing system that works on its own vibrational frequency. To help you understand this let’s turn to quantum physics.


Quantum physics is the study of energy and matter at the most fundamental level aiming to uncover the properties and behaviours of the very building blocks of nature. It underlines how atoms work and so why chemistry and biology work as they do. Thanks to Torsten Lange, a leading figure in Reiki healing, there now is scientific proof how this treatment works. Studies have shown that Reiki energy applied to tap water changed the crystalline structures, purifying it to a more natural mineral composition. Oppressive energy can build up of time with the pace of life these days without even realising. The list of ailments that can arise when we feel out of sorts or stressed is endless; for we all have our own ways of dealing with situations and our emotions. Reiki can raise our vibrational state. This in turn can cleanse the mind and body of negative energy, allowing natural healing to occur. Clearing from within is like a spring-cleaned home. Feeling relaxed with a fresh organised balanced state of wellbeing with a clearer ability to navigate life. It is also an excellent go to treatment for pre-exam nerves and to enhance sports performance.

The treatment

Reiki is a non-invasive gentle treatment. It can be performed daily with or without touch while remaining fully clothed. It is 100% safe. During the session you may experience a sensation called “phantom hands”, which is the feeling of Reiki attuned hands touching you, or over a different part of the body from where they are. you may also feel multiple hands working on different areas.

After the treatment

Post treatment side effects (especially after the first session) could show temporary symptoms of extreme tiredness and general detoxing. This is a good sign of cleansing and energy balancing. Plenty of water and a little rest is recommended.


Please note Reiki is not a replacement for medical advice / treatment. All medical concerns should be delt with by medical professionals. However, it is an excellent treatment to work alongside medical care.

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